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What is Chakshu Portal? How Will it Help To Complain About Scams?

What is Chakshu Portal? How Will it Help To Complain About Scams?

What is Chakshu Portal? How Will it Help To Complain About Scams?

News: Recenlty, The Government of India has launched Chakshu portal to complain about the increasing online scams and frauds in the country. On this portal, you can complain about any kind of cheating and fraud through phone calls, WhatsApp calls or messages.

Chakshu portal has been launched by the Central Department of Telecommunications. On this, anyone will be able to complain about such phone calls and messages, through which there is a possibility of committing or suspecting financial fraud to sextortion.

Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has recently launched it. Chakshu portal can be accessed only through the site Sanchar Sathi of the Department of Telecommunications. Suspected Fraud Communication Report System is provided on Chakshu Portal.

In this, information about phone or WhatsApp calls and messages of fraudsters can be given. Citizens would also be able to upload evidence of any kind of fraud like screenshots, recordings etc. They have to provide the time, date and other available information of the call or message. While complaining a person will have to provide their name and phone number. After that, an OTP will be sent to their phone number, which indicates that the complaint has been registered.

  • KYC related to bank/electricity/gas/insurance policy etc.
  • Impersonating a Government official/relative
  • Fake customer service helpline
  • Online Jobs/Lottery/Gifts/Loan Offers
  • Sextortion
  • Multiple calls / Robo calls
  • Suspicious link/website
  • If any such fraud or scam happens to you or is attempted then go to or directly click on this link.
  • Now select from the first option call, message and WhatsApp through which medium the fraud happened to you.
  • After that choose anyone from the categories mentioned above.
  • Now upload the screenshot, photo or video in the option given below.
  • After that give information about the time when the fraud took place.
  • After that explain the fraud in detail.
  • Now provide your personal information like name and mobile number.
  • After this submit the form by entering captcha code and auto key.
1. Can I Report Financial Fraud on Chakshu?

No, Chakshu focuses on suspected fraudulent communications. For financial fraud or cybercrime cases, contact the dedicated cybercrime helpline at 1930 or visit their website .

2. Is My Privacy Protected?

Chakshu ensures your privacy while collecting essential data to identify patterns and combat fraud.

3. How Do I Access the Chakshu Portal?

Visit the official Chakshu portal at  and follow the simple steps to report suspicious communications.