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Let’s sing and dance Teamwork, teamwork, Together we can make our dream work. Then we'll share the joy of what we've done, Teamwork, everyone! It's fun to shoot the basketball through the hoop, But if nobody passes then nobody shoots. And the relay race just can't go on, If nobody wants to pass the baton. We're the parts that make up the whole, And we've got our eyes on a common goal. Sometimes it can be a big plus, When a you or a me becomes an us. Sing a song of people Walking fast or slow; People in the city, Up and down they go. People on the side walk, People on the bus; People passing, passing, In back and front of us. People on the subway Underneath the ground; People riding taxis Round and round and round. People with their hats on, Going in the doors; People with umbrellas When it rains and pours. People in tall buildings And in stores below; Riding elevators Up and down they go. People walking singly, People in a crowd; People saying nothing, People talking loud. People laughing, smiling, Grumpy people too; People who just hurry And never look at you! Sing a song of people Who like to come and go; Sing of city people You see but never know. The Village Child My home is a house Near a wood I'd live in a street If I could! I do wish someone Lived near. There's no one to play with At all. The trees are so high And so tall: And I should be lonely For hours, Were it not for the birds And the flowers. The City Child I live in a city In a street; It is crowded with traffic And feet; There are buses and motors And trams. I wish there were meadows And lambs. The houses all wait In a row There is smoke everywhere That I go. I don't like the noises I hear I wish there were woods.