Why Did Roman Kemp Leave Capital Radio? What Happened To Joe Lyons Capital FM?


In a sad twist of fate in 2020, Joe Lyons, the famous producer at Capital Breakfast, tragically passed away. Roman Kemp, the beloved TV star and host, recently shared the heartbreaking reason he left Capital, which was the loss of his dear friend Joe. The news of Joe Lyons’ sudden death deeply saddened Roman Kemp and many others who cherished Joe as a friend.

The heartbreaking news of Joe Lyons’ passing on August 4, 2020, deeply affected many, especially Roman Kemp, who regarded Joe as his closest companion. Joe’s sudden death at the young age of 31 shook the entire industry. Roman Kemp, deeply connected to Joe, took an abrupt hiatus from the show, needing time to come to terms with and grieve the loss of his dear friend.

What Really Happened to Joe Lyons at Capital FM?

Tributes and Emotional Outpouring

After Joe’s tragic passing, the internet overflowed with sorrowful messages and tributes from fans and loved ones alike. Upon his return to Capital FM following his break, Roman Kemp delivered a heartfelt tribute to his dear friend during a deeply emotional segment.

Roman Kemp’s Revelation About His Departure from Capital FM

In a sincere moment, Roman Kemp opened up about why he chose to take a break from the popular breakfast radio show on Capital FM. He revealed how the four years he spent hosting the show felt like constantly revisiting the painful memory of the day he received the devastating news of Joe Lyons’ passing in August 2020.

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Upcoming Ventures and Whereabouts of Roman Kemp

As Roman Kemp begins a fresh chapter after leaving Capital FM, hints about his future ventures have emerged. Though exact plans remain under wraps, rumors suggest Roman might engage in diverse projects, such as guest appearances on different shows and his potential participation in the celebrity football match, Soccer Aid, slated for June.

Joe Lyons’ Legacy and Roman Kemp’s Path Ahead

Joe Lyons, renowned for his remarkable contributions as a producer, left an enduring legacy on Capital Breakfast, cherished by everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with him. As Roman Kemp courageously faces the difficulties of saying goodbye to his dear friend and colleague, he sets the stage for a new chapter brimming with potential and opportunities for personal development.


1. Why did Roman Kemp leave Capital FM?

Roman Kemp left Capital FM because the constant reminders of Joe’s absence caused him emotional strain, making it difficult to enjoy his work.

2. How did Joe Lyons’ death affect Roman Kemp and the Capital FM community?

The passing of Joe Lyons had a profound impact on Roman Kemp and the Capital FM community, making it hard for Roman to continue his work at the radio station.

3. What does Roman Kemp’s departure from Capital FM mean?

Roman Kemp’s departure from Capital FM marked the end of one chapter and the start of another, as he chose to focus on his personal growth and well-being.

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