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Where to Find All the Materials in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? A Complete Guide

Where to Discover All the Materials in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? A Comprehensive Handbook

Where to Find All the Materials in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? A Complete Guide

News: In the Grasslands, multiple materials like Iron Ore, Lea Titanium, Mythril Ore, Numinous Ashes, Ruby, Emerald, Timber, Mellow Oak, Laurel, and more can be found.

In the Junon Region, one can uncover various materials including Tourmaline, Condor Cedar, Planet’s Favor, and the exclusive Mindflayer Crown.

The Corel Region holds Zinc Ore, Amethyst, Gold Dust, Ancient Bark, Sycamore Wood, Exquisite Beast Hide, Planet’s Benison, and the special Tonberry King’s Robe.

Materials in the Gongaga Region include Moss Agate, Sapphire, Gongaga Pine, Oregano, Planet’s Splendor, and the exclusive Great Malboro Tendril.

In Cosmo Canyon, one can come across various materials like Chromite Ore, Crimsonite Crystal, Cosmotite Ore, Divine Heartwood, Baobab Wood, Planet’s Mercy, and the exclusive Jabberwock Horn.

Exploring the Nibel Region can lead to discovering materials like Moonstone, Ash Wood, Saint Luche Leaf, Astral Remnant, Planet’s Spirit, and the exclusive King Zu Feather.

The Meridian Ocean offers Pirate Jetsam and Pirate’s Relic for discovery.

At the Gold Saucer, one can exchange GP for materials such as Gold Talon, Burnished Crown, Resplendent Robe, Gilded Tentacle, Aureate Horn, and Lustrous Feather.

Dark Matter can be obtained by purchasing it at some GP Exchanges or as a quest reward.

With this guide, you’ll have the knowledge to collect all the materials necessary for crafting in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

1. Where can I find the exclusive materials?

The exclusive materials can be found in specific regions such as Junon, Corel, Gongaga, Cosmo Canyon, Nibel, and the Meridian Ocean.

2. What can I exchange GP for at the Gold Saucer?

At the Gold Saucer, GP can be exchanged for unique materials like Gold Talon, Burnished Crown, Resplendent Robe, and more.

3. How can I acquire Dark Matter?

Dark Matter can be purchased at GP Exchanges or obtained as a quest reward.