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When Did Modern Horizons 3 Come Out? Will There Be a Modern Horizons 3?

When Did Modern Horizons 3 Come Out? Will There Be a Modern Horizons 3?

Exciting News for Magic: The Gathering Fans: Modern Horizons 3 Set to Arrive in June 2024

News: Exciting news for Magic: The Gathering fans! Get ready for the upcoming release of Modern Horizons 3, set to hit the shelves in June 2024. This new expansion pack is packed with a bunch of new cards and reprints, set to mix things up in the Modern format. It’s sure to add a dose of freshness and variety to the game’s competitive scene, so mark your calendars for this thrilling event!

Release Date and Events

Circle the date on your calendar! Modern Horizons 3 is set to hit the shelves on June 14, 2024, and prerelease events kick off on June 7. If you’re into online play, MTG Arena will have the set ready for you starting from June 11. Get ready for a sneak peek at the excitement – the spoiler season begins on May 21, giving you a preview of the cool new cards and mechanics. The anticipation builds until May 31, so mark those dates for some thrilling Magic: The Gathering moments!

New Mechanics and Themes

Just like the previous editions, Modern Horizons 3 is bringing in some new game elements and themes. A cool addition is the introduction of double-faced cards, featuring transforming planeswalkers for the first time in this series. And that’s not all – the Energy mechanic is making a comeback, offering players some exciting new strategic choices for their decks. Brace yourselves for these fresh twists in the game!

Anticipation and Excitement

Get ready for the excitement! Modern Horizons 3 is gearing up to be a thrilling addition to the Magic: The Gathering world. As it gets closer to release, players can look forward to diving into new strategies, uncovering mighty cards, and feeling the thrill of competitive play in the Modern format. It’s shaping up to be an exhilarating ride for Magic enthusiasts!

Early Access and Online Play

Even before the official release on June 14, 2024, players got a sneak peek at the new cards. Local Game Stores hosted prerelease events starting from June 7, giving players a chance to dive into the set before it hit the shelves. And for those into online gaming, Modern Horizons 3 was up on MTG Arena on June 11, bringing the excitement to the digital realm. The fun began even before the official release date!

The Buzz Surrounding the Release

The buzz around Modern Horizons 3 reached new heights during the spoiler season. From May 21 to May 31, players were treated to a gradual unveiling of new cards, creating a sense of anticipation and sparking lively discussions within the Magic community. It was a tantalizing sneak peek that added to the overall excitement leading up to the release of the set.

A Significant Release

Modern Horizons 3 is a big moment for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts. The anticipation was high as fans eagerly looked forward to the introduction of new cards and game mechanics that promised to shake up the game’s metagame. It’s not just about new cards; it’s about a revolution in gameplay, bringing in fresh challenges and strategies for players to dive into and explore. Exciting times for Magic fans!

What Modern Horizons 3 Offers

Modern Horizons 3 brings a whopping 303 new cards into the Magic: The Gathering universe. These cards are exclusively crafted for the Modern and eternal formats, steering clear of the Standard format. The set covers different card rarities, from commons and uncommons to rares and mythic rares. To add an extra dash of excitement for collectors and players alike, there are even premium versions of all cards randomly thrown into the mix. Get ready for a treasure trove of cards to explore and collect!

Unique Card Features

In Modern Horizons 3, cards are numbered differently depending on their category, adding an extra layer of organization to the set. But that’s not all – brace yourselves for double-faced cards, bringing unique gameplay mechanics and strategies to the table. And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, the set also showcases alternative card frames and art styles, making for a visually diverse and captivating experience for players. Get ready to dive into a world of new possibilities and aesthetics!

Digital Availability

Get ready for the magic online! Modern Horizons 3 is not just making its way to Magic Online but also landing on MTG Arena, where you can dive into the action in the Historic and Timeless formats. Even though it’s not stepping into the Standard format, the set is all about delivering a fresh dose of excitement and possibilities for Magic: The Gathering players.

The approaching release of Modern Horizons 3 is like a tidal wave of anticipation and joy for Magic enthusiasts. Set to hit the scene in June 2024, it’s bringing along a thrilling lineup of new cards and mechanics. Brace yourselves for a significant impact on the game’s competitive landscape, offering players exciting new paths for exploration and strategy. The magic is about to get even more exciting!


Q: Can we use Modern Horizons 3 cards in Standard play?

A: Nope, Modern Horizons 3 is specifically crafted for Modern and eternal formats, not for Standard play.

Q: What makes the cards in Modern Horizons 3 stand out?

A: Well, they’ve got double-faced cards, cool alternative frames, and different art styles. It’s like a visual feast for players, keeping things interesting.

Q: When did they spill the beans about the cards in Modern Horizons 3?

A: Oh, the spoiler season went down from May 21 to May 31, slowly unveiling those new cards and building up excitement in the Magic community.