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The Thaumaturge: Attack Tier List

The Thaumaturge: Attack Tier List

The Thaumaturge - Unveiling the Attack Tier List

News: The Thaumaturge gives a complete explanation of how to improve your combat skills. It sorts them into two groups, making it easier to understand and use them strategically according to their effectiveness and how easy they are to learn.

The Thaumaturge: An Immersive RPG

The Thaumaturge is a new game that takes place in the varied world of early 20th-century Warsaw. It assures players a captivating experience full of mystery and excitement.

The Unique Combat System of The Thaumaturge

In “The Thaumaturge,” there’s a special turn-based combat system that sets it apart. Players can use regular human attacks, skills, and even unleash psychic strikes through salutors.

Understanding Attack Ranks in the Thaumaturge

In The Thaumaturge, the Attack Ranks are split into two levels: Rank 1 and Rank 2. This division provides important information to help players personalize their character’s abilities.

Unveiling the Thaumaturge Gameplay

“The Thaumaturge” plunges players into the lively city of Warsaw in 1905. It introduces morally ambiguous choices and turn-based combat, featuring both human attacks and psychic strikes executed by salutors.


1. Where can you play “The Thaumaturge”?

You can play “The Thaumaturge” on Steam, GOG, Epic, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

2. How can players customize their character in “The Thaumaturge”?

You get to pick your own style of the thaumaturge and make decisions that shape the story in different ways.

3. What is covered in the Thaumaturge Attack Tier List?

The Tier List organizes upgrades for attack skills in The Thaumaturge.