The Outlast Trials: Kill the Snitch Walkthrough, Gameplay, & More

The Outlast Trials: Kill the Snitch Walkthrough, Gameplay, & More

The Outlast Trials: Kill the Snitch

News: “The Outlast Trials” is a spooky game made by Red Barrels. It’s a first-person horror game set in the Cold War time. You can play it on different gaming platforms, and it came out on March 5, 2024. The game gives players a really scary time, exploring mysterious secrets and keeping you on the edge of your seat with suspense.

The Exhilarating “Kill the Snitch” Challenge

Take on a dangerous mission to get rid of the snitch, all while dodging those persistent Ex-Pop agents inside the Police Station.

A Test of Courage in “Kill the Snitch” Challenge

Get ready by collecting throwable items and medicine. Navigate carefully through doors with traps, aiming to reach the Security Room for smart teamwork.

Treading Carefully in the Security Room

Skillfully move around enemies, use throwables wisely, and make your way to the revolving doors to keep advancing.

Facing the Generators

Explore the basement, find the Shower Room, collect fuel for the generators, and cleverly ignite the power. Stay alert for any potential encounters with enemies.

Confronting the Daunting Task of Opening Gates

Give the snitch a push, dodge powerful enemies, and unlock gates strategically as you move through crucial places like Reception, Laboratory, and Administration.

The Intense “Electrocute the Snitch” Showdown

Shock the snitch with electricity, keep an eye on your stamina, lure adversaries away, and make a swift escape through the Jail door to successfully finish the challenge.

The Immersive Gameplay Dynamics

In “The Outlast Trials,” you get an intense survival horror adventure. There’s a cooperative multiplayer mode for four players, and each character class has special abilities and different skill trees, making the game really unique.

The Outlast Trials Overview

Red Barrels developed the game, and it came out on March 5, 2024, for different platforms. It brings you a gripping survival horror experience in both single-player and multiplayer modes.


1. Why do we have the “Kill the Snitch” trial in The Outlast Trials?

The main goal is to get rid of the snitch while avoiding Ex-Pop agents in the Police Station.

2. How do you get through the Security Room part in The Outlast Trials?

Sneak past enemies, use throwables wisely, and reach the revolving doors on the other side.

3. How do you power up the generators in The Outlast Trials?

Go into the basement, find the Shower Room, gather fuel, and skillfully start the power.

4. What’s the deal with opening gates in the “Kill the Snitch” mission, and what challenges do you face?

Solve clues, hide in dark rooms, and smartly unlock gates while dealing with adversaries like Grunts and Leland Coyle.

5. Where should you look for keys in The Outlast Trials?

Search in Reception, dark rooms behind the Laboratory, Detective Rooms, and Administration, being careful around adversaries like the Screamer.

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