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The Outlast Trials : Early Access Gameplay, Trailer, and More

The Outlast Trials – A Chilling Psychological Horror Survival Game

The Outlast Trials

News: Red Barrels presents “The Outlast Trials,” a chilling first-person psychological horror survival game that serves as a prelude to the acclaimed Outlast franchise. Set within the backdrop of a Cold War experiment, players are thrust into the role of test subjects, navigating a realm of psychological terror and mysterious turns.

Players are plunged into the dark depths of a Cold War experiment, offering a new lens through which to explore the events leading up to the first two Outlast games. As they journey through a landscape fraught with psychological terror, survival trials, and enigmatic turns, they’re in for a spine-chilling and fully immersive experience.

Those who opt into the Early Access phase prior to March 5, 2024, are granted entry to the 1.0 update and an exclusive Grizzly Hazmat Outfit within the game. Moreover, a 50% discount on the Reagent Starter Pack awaits them at launch. Early Access participants also have the privilege to venture into the newly introduced Toy Factory map, where they’ll encounter fresh challenges and programs awaiting exploration in the 1.0 update.

“The Outlast Trials” presents an intense survival horror experience, available for solo play or cooperative multiplayer with up to four players. Introducing a variety of tasks and four distinct character classes, each with their own set of abilities and skill trees, the game delivers a deeply enriching gameplay experience. Players can employ night-vision goggles, strategically manage resources, and engage with the environment to further hone their survival skills.

With the impending full launch of “The Outlast Trials,” anticipation reaches a fever pitch for the captivating and immersive horror gaming experience it pledges to deliver. Players are brimming with excitement as they await the spine-chilling adventures that lie ahead, ready to delve into the mysteries concealed within the Cold War experiment.

“The Outlast Trials” promises an enthralling and immersive horror gaming experience, thanks to its early access phase and captivating gameplay dynamics. Players are eagerly awaiting the full launch, eager to immerse themselves in the unfolding narrative and spine-tingling adventures that lie ahead.

1. What platforms is “The Outlast Trials” available on?

“The Outlast Trials” is available on various platforms, including Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

2. What benefits do players receive during the Early Access phase?

Players joining Early Access before March 5th gain access to the 1.0 update, an exclusive in-game outfit, a 50% discount on the Reagent Starter Pack, and the chance to explore the new map, Toy Factory.

3. Is “The Outlast Trials” playable in multiplayer mode?

Yes, “The Outlast Trials” offers a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing players to brave the chilling obstacles together.