Lifesum App Not Working How to Fix Lifesum App Not Working Issue?

How to Resolve Issues with the Lifesum App

How to Resolve Issues with the Lifesum App

Checking Login Credentials and Account Status

Latest News: When facing difficulties with the Lifesum app, it’s important to verify the accuracy of your login credentials and ensure that your account is active.

Addressing Screen Issues

If you encounter a black or white screen while using the Lifesum app, try force-stopping the app, performing a hard reboot, or allowing the device’s battery to drain before restarting.

Resolving Loading, Server, and Connection Errors

Loading errors and server/connectivity issues may be resolved by checking your internet connection stability and waiting for temporary server downtimes to pass.

Tackling Installation Problems

Prior to installation, ensure a stable internet connection, sufficient storage space, and compatibility with your device’s operating system.

Managing App Notifications

To address notification issues, verify that app notifications are enabled in device settings and ensure that app notification sounds are not muted.

Troubleshooting Audio and Video Loading

For audio problems, check the device’s volume settings and test with headphones. Verify a stable internet connection for resolving video loading issues.


The provided information is for general informational purposes only. While efforts are made to offer accurate information, no guarantees are made regarding completeness or reliability.


By following the provided tips, common Lifesum app issues can likely be resolved, ensuring uninterrupted usage. For persistent problems, reaching out to Lifesum’s customer support can offer valuable assistance.


Q: What should I do if I continue to experience problems after following the tips?

A: If issues persist, contacting Lifesum’s customer support can provide further assistance and resolution for the problems.

Q: How can I ensure that my device is compatible with the Lifesum app before installation?

A: Before installation, confirm that your device has a stable internet connection, sufficient storage space, and that the app is compatible with your device’s operating system.

Q: What can I do if I encounter loading errors or server/connectivity issues with the Lifesum app?

A: Check the stability of your internet connection and wait for temporary server downtimes to pass, especially during periods of heavy app usage.

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