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Lee Najjar Net Worth 2024: Career, Family, Age, Income, Wiki, Bio, All You Need to Know

Lee Najjar: A Self-Made Success Story in TV and Real Estate

Lee Najjar: A Self-Made Success Story in TV and Real Estate

Latest News: In 2024, the estimated net worth of American television personality and businessman, Lee Najjar, is a substantial $55 million. Renowned for his remarkable acting skills and comedic talent, he has garnered widespread fame through his notable contributions to various television shows and films.

A Low-Profile Lifestyle

Despite his significant success and popularity, Lee Najjar leads a reclusive lifestyle, opting for a low-profile existence, keeping himself distant from the public eye.

Professional Achievements

Lee gained prominence for his role as Big Popp in the television series Real Housewives of Atlanta, which significantly contributed to his soaring success and substantial net worth.

Family Life

Alongside his professional achievements, Lee has built a blissful family life, sharing his happiness with his wife and two children.

Real Estate and Investments

As an accomplished television personality and astute businessman, Lee Najjar has made considerable investments in the American real estate sector, amassing a diverse portfolio of properties, including a grand mansion in California, as well as multiple properties in Los Angeles and New York.

Growth in Net Worth

The trajectory of Lee Najjar’s net worth exhibits a remarkable growth, from $32 million in 2019 to $55 million in 2024.

A Self-Made Individual

A self-made individual, Lee Najjar’s early life remains shrouded in mystery, with limited details available about his birthplace, date of birth, and family background.

Professional Achievements in Television

Lee Najjar’s professional achievements are underscored by his successful stint in the widely acclaimed television show Real Housewives of Atlanta, where his portrayal of Big Popp garnered worldwide recognition and praise.


Lee Najjar stands as a testament to self-made success, thriving in both the television industry and real estate sector. His contributions to television have earned him widespread admiration, while his acumen in real estate has paved the way for his considerable wealth.


What is the net worth of Lee Najjar?

Lee Najjar’s total net worth is approximately $55 million.

How old is Lee Najjar?

Lee Najjar has chosen not to disclose any details about his age or date of birth.

What is the name of Lee Najjar’s wife?

Lee Najjar is currently married to Kimberly Najjar.