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Lavonte David Net Worth : Age, Income, Career, Family, Wiki, Bio & More

Lavonte David’s Wealth in 2024: Contract, Income, Education, and Personal Life

Lavonte David's Wealth in 2024: Contract, Income, Education, and Personal Life

Lavonte David’s Net Worth

Latest News: Lavonte David, an American football linebacker, is estimated to have a net worth of $7 million as of 2024. He is widely recognized as one of the premier outside linebackers in the league.

Lavonte David’s Financial Growth

David’s annual salary is estimated to revolve around $8 million, further bolstered by endorsements with major brands such as Nike. His net worth has grown from $4.4 million in 2019 to $7 million in 2024.

Lavonte David’s Background

David was born on January 23, 1990, in Miami, Florida, and raised in a middle-class family. He excelled as a standout player on his high school’s football team and pursued higher education at the University of Nebraska.

Lavonte David’s Professional Journey

David established himself as one of the foremost linebackers in the nation during his college tenure, earning the title of the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year in 2011. He was then picked by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Lavonte David’s Ongoing Agreement

He sealed a three-year extension with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, worth $7 million guaranteed, anchoring his position with the team until 2024.

Approximate Career Earnings

Throughout his career, David has earned approximately $78.7 million, with his earnings increasing over the years as he established himself as a key player in the league.

Lavonte David’s Personal Relationships and Family

David is married to his longtime partner, Tondrea Monique, and the couple shares a child. He does not have any publicly known siblings.

Lavonte David’s Online Presence

David has nearly 124,000 followers on Instagram, maintaining a relatively private presence on social media.


Lavonte David’s substantial net worth is a testament to his thriving career and endorsement partnerships. He has earned a distinguished status as one of the top linebackers in the league and serves as an inspiration for numerous young players.


Q: What is Lavonte David’s net worth?

A: Lavonte David’s total net worth is approximately $7 million.

Q: How old is Lavonte David?

A: Presently, Lavonte David is 34 years old (23 January 1990).

Q: What is Lavonte David’s annual income?

A: Lavonte David earns an estimated salary of over $0.2 million per year.