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Last Night Eviction From Celebrity Big Brother, Who got Evicted Last Night?

Last Night Eviction From Celebrity Big Brother, Who got Evicted Last Night?

Last Night Eviction From Celebrity Big Brother, Who got Evicted Last Night?

News: The glitzy world of Celebrity Big Brother has been buzzing with drama, alliances, and unexpected twists. As the housemates navigate their way through the reality TV labyrinth, eviction nights become nail-biting affairs. So, who faced the dreaded eviction last night? Let’s spill the tea!

Our journey begins with Gary Goldsmith, the savvy businessman and Kate Middleton’s uncle. Sharon Osbourne, the house’s formidable lodger, held the power to nominate someone for eviction. And guess who she chose? Gary! The audience watched as he bid farewell to the Celebrity Big Brother house, leaving behind a trail of intrigue and speculation. His exit was met with a mix of applause and curiosity—after all, family ties and fame make for compelling TV.

Lauren Simon, the tenacious reality star, faced the eviction heat not once, but twice. After narrowly defeating Gary in the initial eviction, she found herself in the hot seat again due to her fellow housemates’ nominations. This time, she was up against Louis Walsh and the enigmatic Zeze Millz. But wait! Sharon Osbourne, with her special powers, swooped in to save Zeze, leaving Lauren to face the music. Lauren’s resilience and wit kept viewers hooked, wondering if she’d emerge unscathed once more.

Sharon Osbourne, the iconic rock matriarch, wasn’t technically evicted. Her stint as the official CBB lodger came to an end. Remember when the 71-year-old joined the house? She had plans for a brief stay, complete with a separate bedroom and those intriguing special powers. Sharon’s candid opinions and no-nonsense attitude left an indelible mark on the show. As she exited, fans wondered what secrets she’d take with her.

As the Celebrity Big Brother saga unfolds, we eagerly await the next eviction. Who will be the next to exit the glitzy house? You decide! Tune in to ITV1 at 9 PM for more drama, alliances, and surprises. And remember, in the world of reality TV, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Q1: How are housemates nominated for eviction? 

A: Housemates nominate two fellow contestants every few days. The two with the most nominations face eviction.

Q2: How do evictions work? 

A: Viewers get a chance to save their favorites. During a live show, AJ and Will reveal who received the least votes and must leave immediately.