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How to Recruit All Characters in Unicorn Overlord Demo? Unveiled Strategy

How to Recruit All Characters in Unicorn Overlord Demo: Exclusive Strategy

How to Recruit All Characters in Unicorn Overlord Demo: Exclusive Strategy

News: In the demo version of Unicorn Overlord, recruiting characters is a crucial aspect of the gameplay. As you progress through the game’s story, certain characters are automatically recruited, while others require completion of side quests. Recruiting a diverse range of characters plays a pivotal role in building your dream team and preparing them to conquer the realm of Fevrith.

Upon commencing the game, players will automatically recruit Alain, Chloe, Hodrick, Josef, and Lex. In the main story mission “Call to Action,” Clive, Travis, and Aubin will join the team. Additionally, early on in the game, Veronica will be added to your party. During the main quest “The Priestess, Abducted,” at around level eight, Fran, Kitra, and Miriam can be recruited. Upon completing this quest, the demo concludes.

Recruiting characters via side quests adds depth to the gameplay and expands the roster of available allies.

Head southwest of Fort Soligie to an island peninsula and complete the side quest “Solitary Resistance” by interacting with Rolf to recruit him.

Venture south of Coquillage Town and undertake the side mission “As the Tricorns Ride” to recruit Bruno upon completion.

Find Ochlys during the story and offer her 30 Divine Shards to prompt her to join the party.

Complete the side mission “Winged Knight,” situated east of Thulust Harbor, to permanently recruit Sharon.

Journey to the swampy area south of Rondmort Church and complete the side mission “The Ravaged Swamp” to recruit Yahna. During the quest “The Battle for Barbatimo” in the Walled City of Barbatimo, opting to spare Mordon’s life will result in his recruitment. Defeating Berenice in the side quest “The Mercenary’s Trial” near Fort Colmarre will lead to her recruitment after proving your strength.

By following these strategic steps to recruit all characters available in the Unicorn Overlord demo, players can enhance their gaming experience and strengthen their team for the challenging battles that await. The demo version offers a glimpse into the captivating world of Fevrith, setting the stage for the full version’s release on multiple gaming platforms. Unveiling the unique strategies for character recruitment adds a layer of excitement to the demo, enticing players to delve deeper into the realm of Unicorn Overlord.

1. Can all characters be recruited through side quests?

No, some characters are automatically recruited as the story progresses, while others require completion of side quests for recruitment.

2. Are there any specific requirements to recruit certain characters?

Yes, some characters may require specific interactions, item trades, or decisions within certain quests to be recruited.

3. What role do the recruited characters play in the gameplay?

Recruited characters play a pivotal role in building a diverse and strong team to conquer the realm of Fevrith, enhancing the overall gaming experience.