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How To Preload WWE 2k24 Early Access? Dates and File Size

How to Preload WWE 2k24 Early Access

How to Preload WWE 2k24 Early Access

News: To access the early access version of WWE 2K24, players can secure their copy by preordering the Digital Deluxe or Forty Years of WrestleMania edition on their respective gaming platforms, such as PS5 or Xbox.

For Xbox users, the live preload option, introduced by 2K Games on February 23, allows gamers to download the game well in advance, more than 10 days before its official release on March 8.

In terms of file size, downloading WWE 2K24 on Xbox Series X/S requires 80.93 GB, with a similar expectation for the PS5 version.

WWE 2K24, an eagerly anticipated professional wrestling sports video game, is currently under development by Visual Concepts and will be published by 2K. Serving as the series’ tenth iteration and the twenty-fourth overall entry, it follows WWE 2K23.

The impending release of WWE 2K24 has generated significant excitement among fans. Keeping an eye on official announcements from 2K Games will provide users with precise details and dates for the preload on PlayStation and PC platforms.

As the release date of WWE 2K24 approaches, the opportunity for early access through preloading on gaming platforms such as Xbox and PS5 presents an enticing prospect for fans of the franchise. By following the outlined steps and staying updated on official announcements, players can ensure a seamless transition into the virtual world of WWE 2K24.

1. Can PC users preload WWE 2K24?

As of now, information regarding the preload option for PC users on Steam remains uncertain. Historically, neither WWE 2K22 nor WWE 2K23 had a preload option on Steam, leaving doubt about the availability of this feature for WWE 2K24.

2. What is the expected file size for WWE 2K24?

Downloading WWE 2K24 on Xbox Series X/S requires 80.93 GB, with a similar expectation for the PS5 version.

3. When will PlayStation and PC users expect the preload option?

Specific preload dates for PlayStation and PC users have not yet been disclosed by 2K Games. The expected timeframe for the preload on these platforms is around March 3, aligning closely with the official pre-access period.