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How to Get the Open Sesame Control Panel in Cookie Clicker?

Unlocking the Secret Control Panel in Cookie Clicker

News: In the widely popular game Cookie Clicker, players can access the Open Sesame control panel to unleash special features and alter the game’s mechanics. Upon unlocking this panel, players can summon Golden Cookies at will and bestow them with unique powers.

The Open Sesame function introduces Debug Upgrades that can enhance cookie production, expedite upgrades, and trigger special in-game events. For instance, the Neuromancy Debug Upgrade offers the ability to toggle upgrades on and off, while the Perfect Idling upgrade allows cookies to be generated even when the game is not actively played.

Unlocking the Open Sesame control panel introduces upgrades like Turbo-charged Soil and A Really Good Guidebook, offering convenience and facilitating gameplay.

Players can unlock the Open Sesame control panel in Cookie Clicker either by using the console function or by modifying their bakery’s name.

Cookie Clicker, a game introduced in 2013, revolves around the simple concept of clicking on a cookie to earn cookies incrementally. The game lacks a definitive conclusion, enabling players to perpetually expand their cookie collection.

In Cookie Clicker, players accumulate cookies through manual clicks to acquire various items, upgrades, and special effects. The game incorporates elements like heavenly chips, achievements, and mini-games, offering an enduring gaming experience.

Publishers: DashNet, Playsaurus (Steam release)
Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, Web browser
Release Date: August 8, 2013
Genre: Incremental
Mode: Single-player

Players can access the Open Sesame control panel by using the console function or by modifying their bakery’s name.

Unlocking the Open Sesame control panel grants players access to special abilities, debug upgrades, and convenience-oriented upgrades, enhancing the game’s mechanics and gameplay experience.

No, Cookie Clicker lacks a definitive conclusion, allowing players to continuously expand their cookie collection and set their own milestones and objectives.