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How to Get Explosives in Pacific Drive? Explosives in Pacific Drive

How to Obtain Explosives in Pacific Drive

How to Get Explosives in Pacific Drive? Explosives in Pacific Drive

News: Pacific Drive is a world filled with perilous anomalies that have the potential to cause severe harm upon contact. These anomalies are prone to explosion, posing a hazard to anyone who comes into their vicinity. Nevertheless, there are methods to manage these hazardous circumstances.

One effective approach is to use a Road Flare or a Flare Gun from a safe distance to detonate the anomalies. This method allows individuals to neutralize the threat without putting themselves in harm’s way. It is a practical and widely accepted strategy for dealing with the explosive anomalies scattered across Pacific Drive.

For those who prefer a more proactive approach, there is an option to acquire explosives. Mastering the art of handling explosives provides a different strategy to deal with the dangerous anomalies, offering an alternative solution for those courageous enough to tackle the challenge.

If you are seeking to obtain explosives in Pacific Drive, it is advised to head to the Smokestacks area in the Deep zone. The primary source for explosives in this area is the Explosive Crates scattered along the roadside. Simply search through these crates as you would any other chest, and you are likely to find a few explosives.

It is important to note that Ticking Tumblers can camouflage themselves as Explosive Crates. To avoid a surprise explosion, caution should be exercised when looting. If you accidentally pick up a crate instead of accessing its inventory, it might be a Ticking Tumbler. It is advisable to quickly throw it away from you to ensure safety.

In addition to Explosive Crates, explosives can also be found in the trunks of Abandoned Squires. Furthermore, it is recommended to check out ARDA Investigators, as they often carry valuable loot in the back. Surprisingly, you might stumble upon an explosive hidden in a Beach Ball. These Beach Balls have a unique ability to absorb materials from the environment.

To harvest a Beach Ball, use either a Hand Vac or a Thermal Vacuum. Red Balloons and various items absorbed by the Beach Ball, potentially including explosives, can be collected. It is important to remember that throwing explosives alone won’t activate them. Charge your throw, then release to send the explosive a certain distance before it explodes upon hitting a surface.

“Pacific Drive” is a survival game by Ironwood Studios and published by Kepler Interactive. It unfolds in the picturesque Pacific Northwest and introduces challenges in the form of metal monsters eager to latch onto the player’s vehicle. The game is experienced through a first-person perspective and is set in the year 1998 within the Olympic Exclusion Zone of the Pacific Northwest.

A unique aspect of the game is the ability to customize the player’s vehicle at the garage, which serves as the central base of operations. Vehicle diagnostics are managed through a headset, allowing players to address issues such as quirky car behavior and carry out repairs, ranging from on-the-go fixes to more intricate tasks handled in the garage.

The Inventing Station within the garage becomes a pivotal resource, enabling the harvesting of materials and creation of machines that unveil new routes, add fuel to the car, and destabilize zones. Players must strategize repairs and navigate through electrical anomalies and barriers while facing challenges like metal monsters latching onto the car and weather elements affecting vehicle handling.

– Developer: Ironwood Studios

– Publisher: Kepler Interactive

– Director: Alexander Dracott

– Producer: Alyssa Askew

– Engine: Unreal Engine 4

– Platforms: PlayStation 5, Windows

– Release: February 22, 2024

– Genre: Survival

– Mode: Single-player

In conclusion, obtaining explosives in Pacific Drive is a crucial aspect of managing the hazardous anomalies that pose a threat in the game. Players have the option to choose between using Road Flares or Flare Guns to neutralize the threats from a safe distance or to take a more proactive approach by acquiring explosives. The game’s unique setting and challenges provide players with an immersive survival experience, offering a blend of resource management, strategic repairs, and engaging gameplay dynamics within the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

Q: How can I safely acquire explosives in Pacific Drive?

A: To safely acquire explosives in Pacific Drive, head to the Smokestacks area in the Deep zone and search for Explosive Crates scattered along the roadside. Exercise caution to avoid unexpected explosions from Ticking Tumblers disguised as crates.

Q: What unique features does “Pacific Drive” offer to players?

A: “Pacific Drive” offers players the ability to customize their vehicles, manage repairs, interact with the environment, and navigate through a challenging survival experience within the Olympic Exclusion Zone of the Pacific Northwest.

Q: How does the game dynamics change in “Pacific Drive” as players progress?

A: As players progress in “Pacific Drive,” the game dynamics shift with increased hostility and impending storms, requiring the collection of energy cores to unlock gateways and escape the Olympic Exclusion Zone.