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How to Find : Pressure Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Locating and Outsmarting Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Locating and Outsmarting Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

News: This thrilling sequel to the 2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake, developed by Square Enix, takes players on an exhilarating journey to track down and outsmart Thunderclaw. Dive into a world of secrets waiting to be uncovered, where strategic thinking is key. Join the action in this action-packed role-playing game, which is part of the trilogy reviving the beloved 1997 classic, Final Fantasy VII.

Just like its forerunner, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth seamlessly combines real-time action with strategy and role-playing elements. Players will join Cloud Strife and his AVALANCHE comrades in their quest to stop the mighty corporation Shinra from exploiting the Planet’s life force, known as the Lifestream, for their own gain. Additionally, they’ll face off against Sephiroth, a former soldier determined to augment his power by merging with the Planet. Get ready for an epic showdown against formidable foes in this gripping adventure!

To begin the journey, players must first activate the Wastelands Remnawave Tower located in the Grasslands region. This action sets off the Voltaic Canine assignment, which initiates the hunt for Thunderclaw in the western part of the Grasslands. It’s crucial for players to ensure that both their equipment and characters are adequately prepared for this challenging encounter.

When facing off against Thunderclaw, players should steer clear of using electricity-based attacks since Thunderclaw absorbs electricity, making such attacks ineffective against it. To mitigate damage during the battle, players can equip Lightning Materia on their armor. Additionally, choosing the appropriate characters for the encounter is essential for success.

To tackle Thunderclaw with a tactical edge, especially when Red XIII is part of the party, equipping him with the Poison Materia can significantly improve your chances. With the Poison Materia equipped, Red XIII can unleash the Bio/Poison magic attack, putting pressure on the foe and making it more susceptible to damage. Players should carefully manage their party, focusing on building up Red XIII’s ATB bar and continuously launching Bio attacks at Thunderclaw. This relentless assault will eventually push Thunderclaw into a staggered state, allowing the party to unleash maximum damage.

Becoming adept at finding and pressuring Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demands careful planning, smart strategies, and effective utilization of character skills and materia. With the correct tactics in place, players can approach the Thunderclaw encounter with assurance and increase their odds of triumphing in this exciting journey through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

1. What strategies can players use to overcome Thunderclaw without getting zapped?

Players should steer clear of using electric attacks since Thunderclaw absorbs them, making them useless in the battle against this tough opponent.

2. How can players handle Thunderclaw’s challenge more effectively?

To tackle Thunderclaw more efficiently, players should adopt a smart approach. They can utilize Red XIII in the team, armed with Poison Materia, and focus on continuously hitting Thunderclaw with Bio attacks.

3. Which skills should players carefully use when facing off against Thunderclaw?

During the showdown with Thunderclaw, players should be tactical in managing their abilities. It’s crucial to build up Red XIII’s ATB bar and consistently bombard Thunderclaw with Bio attacks to push it into a vulnerable staggered state, maximizing the team’s damage potential.