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How to Avoid Getting Stunned by Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth

How to Avoid Getting Stunned by Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth

Mastering Saberhawks in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

News: The new game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is all set to come out on February 29, 2024. It’s an exciting action-packed role-playing game made by Square Enix, and it continues the story from the well-loved Final Fantasy VII Remake. This game is the second part of a trilogy that’s giving a fresh look to the classic 1997 PlayStation game, Final Fantasy VII. Players can look forward to cool stuff like real-time battles, customizing characters, exploring different places, and going on missions that are driven by a great story.

Understanding Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth

Watch out for the Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth! These bird-like baddies are no joke, especially when you stumble upon them in the Corel Region. They’re famous for their speedy and fierce attacks, making it a real challenge for players to deal with them in battles. Stay sharp!

Avoiding Saberhawks’ Stun in FF7 Rebirth

Dodging the Saberhawks’ stun in FF7 Rebirth needs some smart moves and taking advantage of their weaknesses. Keep an eye on these feathery troublemakers – when they turn toward you, take a breather because that means they’re about to strike. That’s your cue to either dodge or dash out of the way, especially when they pull off their tricky Zap Claw move, which can stun you.

Get rid of them fast by using fire-based attacks. These birds don’t like the heat, and it can even stun them, giving you the upper hand. And if you want to be really sneaky, switch between your team members to distract the Saberhawk, so it doesn’t focus all its attention on one person. Stay sharp, and you’ll be mastering these encounters in no time!

Defeating the Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth

Taking down Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth? Focus on their fiery weakness! Equip that Fire Materia and let those fire spells fly – it’ll crank up the pressure, making it easier to stagger them and hit them with your best moves.

Here’s a trick: if you’re way stronger than these birdies, switch on Dynamic Difficulty. It keeps things interesting and helps you complete the Fiend Intel’s mission without wrapping up the fight too quickly.

Bring in Cloud, Aerith, and another long-distance attacker like Barret or Yuffie to keep the Saberhawk guessing. Switch between them to stay nimble and avoid getting too much attention from those feisty birds. With their low HP, take ’em down one by one from a safe distance, and victory will be yours!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Gameplay

Get ready for an epic journey in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! This game’s got it all – thrilling battles, exciting exploration, and brain-teasing puzzles. Picture this: you’re exploring huge areas, either on foot or riding cool rides like buggies and Chocobos in real-time. And guess what? You’ll visit some classic spots from the 1997 game, like the Forgotten Capital, Shinra Manor, Mythril Mine, and The Gold Saucer amusement park. There’s even a bunch of optional fun stuff, like cool minigames and side quests.

Now, when it comes to dealing with Saberhawks, it’s all about strategy and knowing your stuff. Figure out how they act, what they don’t like (hint: fire), and pick a team that’s ready to roll. Understanding these birdies’ tricks will help you navigate the encounters like a pro and come out on top. Get ready for an awesome time – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is bringing some serious excitement with challenging battles and loads of cool gameplay.


1. How do I dodge Saberhawks’ stun in FF7 Rebirth?

To dodge Saberhawks’ stun in FF7 Rebirth, be smart in your moves and exploit their weak points. When Saberhawk targets you, watch for its body turning towards you and take a pause. This signals an incoming attack. At this moment, try to dodge or run to avoid its attacks, especially the Zap Claw move that can stun you.

2. What’s the best way to beat Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth?

To defeat Saberhawks in FF7 Rebirth, focus on their vulnerability to fire. Equip Fire Materia and use fire spells to apply pressure, making it easier to stagger them and unleash powerful abilities.

3. What’s the gameplay like in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, get ready for an exciting journey filled with battles, exploration, and puzzles. The gameplay involves real-time exploration of vast areas, allowing you to move on foot or ride various vehicles like buggies and Chocobos.