Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth : How to complete the Spice of Life?


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Mastering the Spice of Life Quest

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Mastering the Spice of Life Quest

News: The Spice of Life quest serves as a crucial side mission within Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, aimed at fostering a deeper connection with Aerith ahead of the Golden Saucer challenge. Set in the Gongaga region and recommended for characters at level 35, the quest begins with a conversation with Cissnei at her residence. Tasked with procuring extra ingredients for a special dish, players embark on an immersive journey brimming with obstacles and incentives.

Players are assigned the task of accompanying Melon, a loyal canine companion, to Torgan’s Farm. The mission entails identifying rock salt deposits and correctly interpreting them with the aid of a reference image supplied by Torfan. Following this, players must employ a Black Chocobo to scale Magon Hill, situated east of the Gongaga Airstrip, to acquire Magonga Mushrooms, engaging in an exhilarating mini-game to secure them.

1. Search for the Produce Peddler: – Depart from Cissnie’s House. – Locate and interact with the Produce Peddler NPC. – Exhaust all dialogue options to receive the task to follow Melon the dog.

2. Follow Melon: – Pursue Melon until reaching Torgan’s Farm.

3. Gather all the required ingredients: – Continue trailing Melon to discover rock salt deposits. – Analyze the picture from Torfan to identify the correct rock salt (light pink with triangles). – Utilize a Black Chocobo to scale Magon Hill, located to the east of Gongaga Airstrip. – Pursue the Chocobo’s scent to locate Magonga Mushrooms. – Reach a giant flower that propels you up. – Engage in a small mini-game to acquire the sought-after mushrooms.

4. Return to Cissnie: – Journey back to Cissnie’s House with all the gathered ingredients. – Deliver the ingredients to Cissnie to complete the Spice of Life quest.

5. Claim Reward: – Deepen your connection with Aerith as a reward. – This connection holds pivotal significance for Aerith’s Golden Saucer challenge.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020), extends the saga of mercenary Cloud Strife and the AVALANCHE eco-terrorist group as they journey across the Planet to prevent the megacorporation Shinra from exploiting the life force known as Lifestream as an energy reservoir. Exclusively released for the PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth upholds the cherished tradition of the franchise with its enthralling narrative and immersive gameplay experience.

In the game, players engage in real-time exploration and combat across a significantly broader overworld compared to the linear confines of Midgar in the Remake. Characters have the freedom to switch between one another, utilizing physical attacks, magic, and items strategically to overcome challenges. The introduction of the “Synergized” mechanic allows for synchronized attacks, albeit at a slower fill rate of the ATB bar, adding a layer of strategic depth to the combat system.

Set on “The Planet,” the narrative revolves around the resistance’s struggle against Shinra, a powerful corporation exploiting the Lifestream. Leading the charge is Cloud Strife, who guides the party through a series of challenges, joined by diverse characters, each with unique skills and abilities. The game’s storyline unfolds from the departure from Midgar to the journey towards the Forgotten Capital, offering an altered exploration sequence that immerses players in the expansive world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Completing the Spice of Life quest isn’t just a crucial part of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth; it’s also a pivotal step in deepening the player’s bond with Aerith and gearing up for the thrilling Golden Saucer challenge. The intricacies of the tasks and obstacles within the quest add layers to the game’s immersive and captivating experience, making it stand out as a truly remarkable and fulfilling adventure.

1. Where can players acquire the Spice of Life quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Players can obtain the quest by conversing with Cissnei in Cissnei’s House within the Gongaga region.

2. At what character level is the Spice of Life quest recommended in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

The quest is recommended for characters at level 35.

3. What is the initial task assigned by Cissnei in the Spice of Life quest?

Cissnei tasks players with procuring additional ingredients for a specific dish she intends to prepare.


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