Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All Red XIII Relationship Grow

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All Red XIII Relationship Grow

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: A Deep Dive into Red XIII's Affinity and Relationships

The World of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

News: The world in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is really interesting. It’s got cool connections between characters and they change and grow a lot. As you play through the story, you get deep into the game’s secrets, especially about how Red XIII develops and gets along with the other characters.

Release and Development

In 2024, Square Enix brought us Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, a super exciting role-playing game full of action. It’s the sequel to the awesome Final Fantasy VII Remake from 2020, and the goal is to bring back the magic of the beloved 1997 PlayStation classic.

Gameplay and Features

Just like the earlier one, Rebirth smoothly blends real-time action with strategy and role-playing. You step into the shoes of Cloud Strife, a mercenary, and join the AVALANCHE group. Together, you set off on an adventure across the Planet to stop Shinra from misusing the Lifestream and keep Sephiroth from taking over with his immense power.

Impact of Relationships

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the buddies you make during the game, like Red XIII, really matter. They have a big effect on who joins Cloud in the Gold Saucer during Chapter 12: A Golden Key. So, the friendships you build make a real difference in the adventure.

Guidelines for Increasing Red XIII’s Affinity

Red XIII’s closeness depends on a few things. If you finish certain side quests, say the right things during talks, handle events well, and use skills smartly with Red XIII, you can boost your bond with him by quite a bit.

Tracking Affinity

To keep track of how close you are to your buddies, just hit the L1 button. Look out for the smiley face icon above each character – it shows their affinity level. Easy peasy!

Increasing Affinity with Red XIII

You can make your bond stronger with Red XIII in different ways. Use teamwork skills and abilities, have specific chats in different places, join tournaments, help out certain characters, and finish side quests – all these things will boost your connection with Red XIII.

Companion Selection at Gold Saucer

If Red XIII hits the highest bond level by the time you rest at the Haunted Hotel in Chapter 12, he becomes Cloud’s buddy during the Gold Saucer adventures. So, if you’ve built a strong connection with him, you’ll have him by your side for the Gold Saucer fun.

Game Narrative and Exploration

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth keeps the story going from the 1997 PlayStation game, jumping in right after the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020. The cool part is that it brings in real-time exploration and combat in a more open world, unlike Remake’s straightforward Midgar setting.

Combat and Mechanics

Rebirth takes the action-packed melee combat and the Active-Time Battle (ATB) system from Remake and kicks it up a notch. You can switch between party members in the middle of a fight. The “Synergized” thing is back too, letting you pull off coordinated attacks, but it slows down how fast your ATB bar fills.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn’t just about the fighting; it’s a whole immersive experience. It puts a big focus on the relationships and growth of the characters. The whole deal of boosting Red XIII’s bond adds a layer to the game. It lets you shape your adventure and what happens during the Gold Saucer parts.


How do I make Red XIII like me more?

To make Red XIII like you more, make sure to finish side quests, pick the best answers when talking to characters, and use teamwork skills with Red XIII.

What occurs when Red XIII has the highest liking in Chapter 12?

If Red XIII has the highest liking by Chapter 12, he joins Cloud during the Gold Saucer scenes.

Is it possible to change the Gold Saucer experience?

You can modify your Gold Saucer experience using Chapter Select and Extra Settings after completing the main story. This allows you to pick companions and wrap up scenes according to your preferences.

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