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FF7 Rebirth: How Long to Beat? And More About The Game

FF7 Rebirth: How Long to Beat? And More About The Game

The In-Depth Guide to Completing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Completion Time for FF7 Rebirth

News: Finishing the main story of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth typically needs about 40 hours, though the time can vary based on how each person plays.

The game’s story is really interesting, but be ready for some tough parts, especially when facing the first boss, Midgardsormr, in the Grasslands area.

Exploring Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth comes after the well-praised Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020) and picks up the story right where the Remake left off. It continues the adventure of the mercenary Cloud Strife and the AVALANCHE eco-terrorist group.

Gameplay and Plot

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the world is more open compared to the previous version, giving players the freedom to explore and fight in real-time. Cloud Strife, the main character, leads the fight against Shinra, supported by a varied group of characters, each bringing their special abilities to the team.

With exciting gameplay features like the Active-Time Battle (ATB) system and strategic character switching, players get fully involved in a lively and dynamic gaming adventure.

How Long to Beat FF7 Rebirth 

Main Campaign Duration: Finishing the main campaign of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth usually takes about 40 hours, but it may vary depending on how each person plays.

Influencing Factors: Your unique playstyle and tough moments, like the first boss battle with Midgardsormr, can affect how long it takes to complete the game.

Exciting Journey: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth provides an engaging adventure with captivating stories and immersive gameplay. Even though it’s estimated to take around 40 hours to finish the main campaign, the challenges and experiences in this iconic game make every hour enjoyable and worthwhile.