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Chevron Net Worth 2024: Assets Income Revenue PE Ratio

Chevron Corporation’s Financial Overview

Chevron Corporation's Financial Overview

Company Background

Latest News: Chevron Corporation, a leading player in the energy sector, boasts an estimated net worth of $312 billion and a revenue of $139.58 billion.

Market Position

With a rich history dating back to 1879 as a part of Standard Oil, Chevron operates from its headquarters in California, facing market valuation fluctuations due to oil price volatility and management shifts.

Global Presence

The company is renowned for its daily sale of approximately 300 million barrels of oil products, making it the sixth largest petroleum company worldwide. Additionally, Chevron has diversified into wind and solar energy projects.

Financial Standing

In 2024, Chevron’s net worth stands at $312 billion, with a net income of around $30.168 billion. However, it has faced controversies such as the Gulf Oil Spill and substantial lobbying expenditures in Washington DC.

Fiscal Performance

The fiscal report for 2023 revealed a revenue of $222.806 billion and total assets of $251.779 billion, with liabilities reported at $92.481 billion in 2022.


What is Chevron’s net worth?

Chevron’s net worth is approximately $312 billion.

When was Chevron founded?

Chevron was established on September 10, 1879, in California, United States.

What is Chevron’s PE Ratio?

As of September 8, 2023, Chevron’s PE ratio stands at 10.27.


Chevron Corporation’s enduring legacy in the energy industry, coupled with its diversified energy portfolio, underscores its significant impact on the global market. Despite facing various challenges, the company continues to maintain a formidable presence and financial standing.