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Celebrity Big Brother 2024: What’s Happening with Louis Walsh and Jedward?

Celebrity Big Brother 2024: What’s Happening with Louis Walsh and Jedward?

Celebrity Big Brother 2024: What's Happening with Louis Walsh and Jedward?

News: In the glitzy world of Celebrity Big Brother, where egos collide and alliances form faster than a reality TV romance, there’s one feud that’s stealing the spotlight: the clash between music mogul Louis Walsh and the irrepressible pop duo Jedward. Buckle up, because this drama is juicier than a freshly squeezed orange at breakfast.

Let’s rewind the tape to 2009. The X Factor stage was graced by two identical twins with gravity-defying hair and boundless energy. Yes, you guessed it—John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward. Under the mentorship of Louis Walsh, they became the darlings of the talent show. Their quirky performances, high-octane energy, and unapologetic style made them unforgettable.

Fast-forward to 2024. Louis Walsh, the former X Factor judge, has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. And he’s not holding back. During a candid chat with Coronation Street actor Colson Smith, Louis dropped a bombshell: “They were vile,” he said, referring to Jedward. Ouch! The twins’ reaction? Swift and fiery.

As the episode aired, Jedward were tucking into a roast dinner with TOWIE’s Gemma Collins (who, by the way, is firmly on Team Jedward). They took to social media (formerly known as Twitter) to fire back. Their tweets read like a rollercoaster of emotions:

1. “Louis Walsh is a cold-hearted b**tard who didn’t even send us flowers when our mom died.” Heartbreaking, considering their mother passed away in February 2019.

2. They accused Louis of gossiping about them to their friend Tara Reid, leading to their decision to cut ties with him.

3. “What an absolute weirdo with bad intentions for all… does he like anyone?” they wondered aloud.

4. Their parting shot: “Louis reopened these wounds all by himself, being spiteful and disrespectful. Justice will be served.”

Gemma Collins, never one to shy away from drama, defended Jedward on Instagram. She posted a photo with the twins, declaring, “Shocked to see what was said about my boys @jepicpics. They are the sweetest, talented, polite, educated kind boys I’ve ever met. TEAM JEDWARD.” Go, Gemma!

But wait, there’s more! Louis Walsh’s feud with Jedward isn’t just about hurt feelings. The twins have accused him of forcing them to pay one of his PR workers a whopping £70,000 ($89,500). Talk about adding fuel to the fire!

The Celebrity Big Brother house just got hotter, thanks to Louis Walsh and Jedward. Whether it’s a battle of words or a financial feud, these two are keeping us glued to our screens. So grab your popcorn, folks—this drama is far from over!

Q: Why did Louis Walsh call Jedward “vile”? 

A: Louis didn’t mince words. He found their behavior less than pleasant during their time together.

Q: What did Jedward say in response? 

A: Jedward hit back, calling Louis “spiteful and disrespectful.”

Q: Is Gemma Collins Team Jedward? 

A: Gemma is firmly in their corner.