BG3 Chest of Mundane Not Working, Why is Bg3 Chest of Mundane Not Working?

Understanding the “BG3 Chest of Mundane Not Working” Issue

Understanding the 'BG3 Chest of Mundane Not Working' Issue

Latest News: The issue of the “BG3 Chest of Mundane Not Working” in the popular game “Baldur’s Gate 3” has been a cause of frustration for many players. It refers to the malfunctioning of the in-game item known as the “Chest of Mundane”, which is not performing as expected. This has led to a range of difficulties for players, including the chest’s inability to store items, glitches preventing interaction with the chest, and other related issues.

Addressing the Issue

Players experiencing the “Chest of Mundane” problem in Baldur’s Gate 3 can take several steps to try and resolve it:

1. Checking for Updates

Ensuring that the latest game patch is installed is essential. Game developers frequently release updates to address bugs and enhance gameplay. Reviewing the official patch notes can provide insight into whether the encountered issue has been addressed in recent updates.

2. Reloading the Game

Sometimes, reloading the game or loading a previous save can resolve glitches and inconsistencies. Attempting to load a save from before the issue occurred with the chest may help rectify the problem.

3. Verifying Game Files

For players using platforms like Steam, verifying the integrity of game files can assist in identifying and fixing corrupted or missing files that could be causing the problem.

4. Community Engagement

Checking the game’s official forums or community discussions can provide access to solutions discovered by other players who may have encountered and resolved similar issues. It’s possible that workarounds or fixes have been found by other players.

5. Mod Management

If players have installed mods, these could potentially conflict with the chest’s functionality. Temporarily disabling mods can help determine if they are contributing to the issue.

6. Seeking Support

If the above steps prove unsuccessful, reaching out to the game’s official support channels is an option. They may have specific solutions or workarounds for known issues or could be working on a fix for the problem.

7. Waiting for Updates

In cases where the issue is widespread and affecting numerous players, it’s likely that the game developers are aware of it and may be working on a fix. Patience and waiting for the next patch might be the best course of action in such scenarios.

The problem with the “BG3 Chest of Mundane Not Working” in Baldur’s Gate 3 has been attributed to changes introduced in a game patch. Discussions in dedicated forums have highlighted differing perspectives on the chest’s functionality. Some players have expressed frustration over the chest’s modified behavior, particularly its loss of the weight-reducing feature, which was a significant aspect of the item.

Conversely, others have defended this change by highlighting that the chest was not originally meant to function like a “bag of holding.” There have also been broader conversations about the impact of magical transformations on item weight and the justification for such changes. These discussions have showcased varying opinions, with some players disappointed by the alterations while others have suggested using mods to adjust carry weight and emphasized the value of the chest’s original mechanics. This discourse in forums has underscored the diversity of player opinions and the complexity of balancing gameplay mechanics in a role-playing game like Baldur’s Gate 3.

In conclusion, the “BG3 Chest of Mundane Not Working” issue has posed a significant challenge for players of Baldur’s Gate 3. However, by exploring the aforementioned steps and engaging in discussions with the gaming community, affected players can work towards finding resolutions and potentially influencing the future development of the game.


Q: What should I do if the steps for resolving the issue are unsuccessful?

A: If the suggested steps do not resolve the problem, reaching out to the game’s official support channels or waiting for future updates while engaging in community discussions can be beneficial.

Q: Are there any specific mods known to cause conflicts with the “Chest of Mundane” functionality?

A: While specific mods may not be explicitly identified, temporary disabling of mods can help determine if they are contributing to the issue.

Q: How can players contribute to influencing the future development of the game amidst this issue?

A: Engaging in constructive discussions within the gaming community, providing feedback, and sharing experiences can potentially influence the game’s future updates and development.

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